AREXX TL-500 logger on Linux - contributed fixes

Users at the german AREXX forum have contributed fixes for the simple logger program posted here a year ago. The program has now been tested with the following sensors:

- TL-3TSN temperature sensor
- TSN-EXT44 temperature sensor with external probe
- TSN-33MN waterproof temperature sensor
- TSN-TH70E temperature/humidity sensor

Fixes include support for sub-zero temperatures and accurate humidity values above 60 RH%, as well as improved start-up time and libusb API usage. The program has been reported stable on FriendlyARM Mini2440 (ARM9) and Marvell SheevaPlug (ARM5) boards.

Refer to this post for download and installation instructions.

AREXX has released a libusb based rf_usb_http Linux utility on their download page. Unfortunately the distribution only includes a i386 binary without source code so it is of little value to users with embedded systems.

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